1. Treat others with respect
  2. No derogatory words
  3. Follow the rules of group creators and admins
  4. No bullying
  5. Include others who wish to be included
  6. Block bad users
  7. Star good users
  8. Message about topics in that group title
  9. No spamming or trolling groups
  10. No impersonating


  1. If you are blocked by 10% of the users in a group you will be block from that group for 24 hours.
    a. We look at every case individually to assess if further action needs to be taken on either end.
  2. If you are blocked 3 times from that group you will be banned from entering groups created by that user.
  3. No inciting violence - This includes self harm, threats to public health, racial or sexual hate.


  1. Add high quality pictures (No fuzzy or pixelated images)
  2. Add specific titles - Broncos vs Seahawks (No vague titles - NFL Game)
  3. Add relevant details in description - 09/23 3:00PM EST
  4. Select the right group category - TV Shows | Sports
  5. Invite people to join the conversation (Don't Spam Groups)
  6. Add admins to help increase your group conversation quality
  7. Turn on Spoiler alerts if there is Spoiler alerts
  8. Turn on Age alerts if there is sensitive content
  9. Share your group