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What is Prattle?

Prattle is an open and social communication platform that lets you be a part of quality conversations and connects you with like-minded people, based on shared interests.

What is a Cooldown?

A “Cooldown” is how Prattle keeps our conversations clear and high quality as the group scales to a larger audience. Popular group conversations can become harder to read as more people join the group and “Cool Down” solves that.

How does the Cooldown work?

Think of the “Cooldown” as a timer for quality. Once the group has reached 250 active users or more the “Cooldown” becomes activated. The “Cooldown” lets those who really have something to say and those who the group wants to hear from speak. While letting everyone read and keep up with the conversation. When a message is starred it will allow that individual or yourself to have a fast charge time for your “Cooldown.”

Who is Prattle for?

Prattle is for anyone who wants to join great conversations with people who share similar interests.

What makes Prattle different?

Current messaging products focus on connecting people with individuals they already know. Prattle is focused on connecting people with what interests them, regardless of whether that is with someone across the street or country. The internet is built on exploring what interests people and we want a place for conversations to work the same way.

How do I join groups?

Joining a group is easy and there are many ways to do so. One way is by opening Prattle and scrolling through your interest categories. Another way is by searching within the app for keywords. A third way is to go to a user’s profile and see groups they have created and are participating in.

Why are some messages purple?

Purple messages represent messages sent by a Verified Profile.

How do I get verified?

Users can get a Verified Profile in Prattle a few ways. This includes verification on other social media platforms, Prattle famous users, and well as users who invite an exceptional number of people to the product. To contact us about setting up a Verified Profile, please email

What is a spoiler alert?

A spoiler alert will show up on the cover of a group and is represented by the icon Spoiler Alert Icon. Spoiler alerts notify users that groups contain information that may reveal time or event sensitive information.

What is an age alert?

An age alert will show up on the cover of a group and is represented by the icon Spoiler Alert Icon. Age alerts notify users that there is mature content in a group.

What are interest categories?

Interest categories are the categories that appear on a user's home feed. An interest category is a collection of similar groups that are easily accessible. One of our goals is to make quality conversation easily accessible and interest categories are one way we are achieving this goal.